Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New Year Running Resolutions

So, apologies for the long break from blogging, but here we are in a new year: 2013 has arrived!

I find myself in decent shape and hopeful of further improvements.
Despite having lost my trademark optimism in every other area of life, and despite never having had a running year that has been even close to smooth sailing, I feel illogically and relentlessly optimistic with regards to my running in the next 12 months.
The big goal this year is to enter, boldly, bravely and brilliantly (if at all possible), into the world of ultras.  For many years (on and off) I have been a high mileage guy and I seem to get better as the distance gets longer.  I should have run ultras years ago, but the inevitable cannot be postponed any longer.

You, like me, probably have your own goals and resolutions for the coming year of running.  I'd be interested to read yours if you want to post them in the comments below; here are mine:

  1. Don't get injured.
  2. Run 6000 miles in total.
  3. Successfully complete my first ultras (South Downs 50M in April, North Downs 50M in May, North Downs 100M in August). Would ideally like to be relatively competitive in the second two.
  4. Set PBs at all distances from 5K to Half Marathon - in particular I want to crack 75min for the half. I would like a marathon PB towards the end of the year too ideally, but I have no idea what kind of state I'll be in after the 100 miler.
  5. Get at least 5 people running regularly for the first time.
  6. Help coach, to some degree or other, at least 5 people to their best ever running.
  7. Help pace/crew someone in their ultra race at least once.
  8. Help get my wife, Jenny, healthy enough to run, and enjoy, a decent half marathon.
  9. Help my family to enjoy their running and fulfill their potential, running with them more often, putting aside my own immediate goals so that they can have my company as they pursue theirs.
  10. Finish a race in first place (equal), arm in arm with my wonderful son, Timothy.
 Some big ones and truly tough ones there; we'll see how it goes.

And, as a bonus, here are my 11yr old daughter Lydia's goals.
She has, after about a year's break, really got back into her running since the summer. Not quite back to her best from 2011 (83min 10M; sub40min 5M; low 23min 5K), but getting close. Here are the goals she has chosen for her running in 2013:
  1. Keep her daily running streak going (ongoing since August 23rd).
  2. Run 2000 miles total for the year - almost 6M per day average.
  3. Break 80min for 10M, 45min for 10K and 21min for 5K.
  4. Run 15M non-stop
  5. Be relatively competitive in her first ever Kent XC league races at the end of year.
  6. Beat all Daddy's old school friends at the 10K in May.

If she does even a fraction of all that then she's a total legend in my book!

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